Annette's websites of the week

Having followed the BBC’s When I’m 65 age awareness campaign I thought I’d use this week’s website recommendations to promote websites that are aimed at adults and older people looking to further their skills.



BBC’s Skillwise website is aimed at encouraging adult learning. The site focused predominately on teaching adult learners numeracy and literacy skills which could be incredibly helpful if you’re looking to gain a wider skills set.

The site is easy to use and presents different subject though easy to follow videos, images and quizzes which test the skills that you have learnt. In addition to learning maths and English at GCSE level the site also offers links to other adult learning sites and prospective job sites that can help elderly people gain qualifications and employment.


Do it volunteering made easy

After watching The Town that Never Retired I realised that lots of old people want to work to simply occupy their time. However, finding employment later in life can be incredibly difficult, which makes volunteering an excellent option. Do-it Volunteering made easy is a website packed full of volunteering information and vacancies.

To volunteer you simply need time and a passion for helping others, qualities which lots of elderly people possess. There are volunteering vacancies in all different sectors from art and culture, health care and housing, simply search to look for opportunities in your local community.


The programme also highlighted the facts that elderly people are still lacking confidence when it comes to modern technology. Shelia featured in The town that Never Retired couldn’t use a computer and it impacted the impression she gave to her employer, and this is something that could affect lots of older workers.

Go On make online easy

Websites like Go-On make online easy make understanding how to use a computer incredible easy as it guides users through the simplest tasks; key board basics, how to use a mouse, keeping in touch with e-mail etc all things skills that would be desirable for an older employee to have.

Even if you aren’t looking to improve your computer skills for a specific job knowing how to get around a computer or using the internet can be really handy in everyday life and could open up a whole new world of opportunities.

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