Dame Barbara CartlandWith a collection of 823 novels, Dame Barbara Cartland was one of the UK’s most successful authors of her generation. Her works included ‘Jig-Saw’ (her first romantic novel), ‘Dangerous Disguise’ and ‘The Enchanted Moment’.

Now, her complete collection will be re-published in paperback and e-book formats.

Since her death in 2000, Dame Barbara’s son published 160 manuscripts which were left behind by her and was named ‘The Pink Collection’. As well as the pink collection, Cartland’s famous ‘Eternal Collection’ and ‘Spanish Language Collection’ will also be re-published.

Famed for her romance novels and collections of cookery and nutrition books, Cartland’s career began in 1925 when she was 24-years-old. She always had an eccentric style and maintained a high celebrity status; she also had a close friendship with the Royal Family. Dame Barbara was also the step-grandmother of Diana Princess of Wales. In her 75-year career, Dame Barbara sold an estimated 750 million books worldwide although others estimate it was close to one billion.

The novel Jig-Saw by Barbara Cartland

Dame Barbara passed away aged 98 in 2000, one year after completing her final novel. I think it’s remarkable that she continued to write and never went into retirement. I find it even more remarkable how many novels she wrote in her lifetime!

For more details on the re-published novels, click here.

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