As today is all about charity and raising money, Bath-Knight have put on a ’50 Shades of Red Buffet’ for Comic Relief.

I am so pleased with all the food that has been brought in and the brilliant effort that has been made. There were lots of prizes for some fabulous and imaginative dishes and some very pretty cakes were home-made too.

Red Nose Day Bath Knight Poster

First Place was Phil with his Comic Relief Cake.
In second place Vanessa with her Snot Bread Rolls.
Third place was Katie with her very pretty Strawberry Jelly.
Fourth place goes to Emma with her fantastic Cheesy Cheese Platter.
Fifth place went to Melissa and her Red Spotty Cake.
Sixth place went to Leanne for her wonderful Red Nose Cupcakes.

I would also like to mention a certain queue this afternoon due to Matt’s Mega Hot Chilli…

It has been a great day and we’ve raised lots of money, over £100 so far and the lovely Gemma who has donated £15 to throw jelly at her manager Emma, with Emma’s permission of course.

Member of Bath-Knight staff having jelly thrown at them

Poor Emma after her jelly ordeal!

Well done everyone!

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Websites of the Week bannerRather than my usual selection of websites, this week I am dedicating this post to Comic Relief and Red Nose Day 2013.

Comic Relief was founded in 1985 by Richard Curtis and comedian Lenny Henry in response to famine in Ethiopia. The cause then went on to the telethon Red Nose Day on the BBC in 1988.

Comic Relief Banner

Ever since the start of Comic Relief, £620.03 million has been raised and this does not yet include any monies raised for this year’s event.

Over the years, there have been many events to raise awareness for the poverty in Africa and people from disadvantaged backgrounds in the UK, the main awareness campaigns being when celebrities pay visits to the people affected and see for themselves what life is really like and while it can often be heart-breaking but then there are so many success stories of villages getting vital water supplies, lifesaving vaccinations and mosquito nets.

Comic Relief Red Noses 2013

The people that have benefitted from Comic Relief over the years are young people with mental health issues, domestic and sexual abuse, young carers, older people and activities and young people with alcohol addiction. In Africa, Comic Relief has handled fair trading issues, assisted those who live in urban slums, women and girls who are subjected to sexual violence and those affected by HIV, AIDS and malaria.

Comic Relief 2013 Banner

The main reason why I love Comic Relief is because everyone can get involved in their own way and every penny raised matters and there is a wonderful breakdown of how much money can be used for the specific cause. 50p, £1, £5 can go such a long way and any efforts to ‘Do Something Funny for Money’ are brilliant.

I hope everyone has a fantastic day and I must say, the Bath-Knight ’50 Shades of Red Buffet’ looks fabulous, let’s raise lots of money!Red Nose Day 2013 Logo

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For the past few weeks, many people have been fundraising for Comic Relief 2013.

There have been people shaving their hair, sponsored silences, going on runs, walks, car washes and some people, including an array of celebrities have travelled to Africa and parts of the UK which will benefit greatly from the generosity of others.

Miranda Hart Comic Relief Tasks

Comedienne Miranda Hart has been doing Mad March Challenges this week, on Monday she had to wax as many people as possible in an attempt to break a world record; on Tuesday she performed a routine from Dirty Dancing in a Strictly Come Dancing scenario, yesterday she performed a dance routine to the Spice Girls in a Union Jack design onsie and today’s challenge will be a dog show.

Grimmy in bath of maggots

This morning on BBC Radio 1, breakfast presenter Nick Grimshaw had a host of celebrity guests including Lily Allen and model Kate Moss, he also sat in a bath of maggots and mealworms and with the encouragement of listeners and their charitable donations, managed to raise over a quarter of a million pounds. This is a tremendous amount of money and I’m sure it will go a very long way to help those who deserve and need it.

Comic Relief Hell and High Water

The Hell and High Water Challenge which happened at the beginning of February will be on the television this evening too. I had DJ Greg James as my Website of the Week during his trip to the Zambezi River and he and the other celebrities who took part did a wonderful job and it will be great to see their efforts this evening.

Tomorrow, Bath-Knight will be holding a ’50 Shades of Red Buffet’ and we are all very excited to see what red or shades of red food will be on the table in a bid to raise money for Comic Relief. There are also some prizes up for grabs for the best dish!

While the day will be fun and there will be plenty of games going on, we must all remember the reason why we are raising money and I do hope that we raise enough money to change many lives of those from deprived backgrounds here in the UK and in Africa.

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Websites of the week banner

TK Maxx – Earlier this week I had blogged about Women’s Fashion and TK Maxx is one of my favourite stores to shop in. They have so many designer labels for a bargain and they are currently selling the Stella McCartney t-shirts for Comic Relief.

TK Maxx and Comic Relief Promo

Image | TK Maxx

The t-shirt designs are very funny and trendy; my favourite is the Marilyn Munroe one. TK Maxx is a wonderful shop and their support for charities, including Comic Relief, over the years has been super.

Money Saving Expert – I regularly blog about Martin Lewis and Money Saving Expert and this week, they launched their Cheap Energy Club. It is a great website to help you save money and get some financial advice.

Money Saving Expert Banner

Image | Money Saving Expert

Martin Lewis offers realistic advice on his website and he is extremely savvy when it comes finance. It is so refreshing to know that there is someone out there happy to help consumers of all backgrounds and ages and it is absolutely free.

The Cinnamon Trust – I had blogged about The Cinnamon Trust yesterday and I was astonished to learn that they are the only charity of their kind in the UK. The Cinnamon Trust will find a new home for animals to the elderly who would like a companion, arranging homes for animals whose owners have passed away and volunteers to assist people and their pets in times of need. They also arrange care for pets whose owners have had to move into residential care or hospices.

Cinnamon Trust banner

Image | The Cinnamon Trust

This is an absolutely fabulous charity and I and the Bath-Knight team have been really touched by the case studies and the work done by the volunteers and Mrs Jarvis MBE who founded the charity.

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Websites of the week banner

Silver Comedy – This week I came across the Silver Comedy which is a brilliant page and company altogether. With a whole host of comedy projects such as interactive comedy sessions and sketch writing courses and shows, the company travel to care homes across the country and encourage elderly residents to participate.

Silver Comedy website

Image | Silver Comedy

This is a fabulous idea; it boosts confidence and brings a lot of joy to people. They also have their own awards for Silver Stand Up of the Year awards!

Dogs for the Disabled – An absolutely amazing charity, Dogs for the Disabled creates a wonderful relationship between working dogs and disabled people. A specially trained dog can offer independence to any child or adult with physical disabilities and also children with autism.

Dogs for the disabled

Image | Dogs for the Disabled

It is so important to keep causes like this running in the UK, independence is a right, not a privilege, and for the adults and children this charity supports, they have more freedom when out and about and in their own homes. Dogs are incredibly loyal and make wonderful companions, please support this cause any way you can.

Greg James’ Radio 1 Page – Radio 1 is not normally my cup of tea but this week, it has been the talk of the Bath-Knight office! Late afternoon presenter Greg James joined forces with comics Jack Dee and Dara O’Briain, actress Chelsee Healey, Spice Girl Mel C and Olympian Phillips Idowu on a journey to Africa’s largest river, the Zambezi, in a bid to raise money for Comic Relief.
Greg James' page on the Radio 1 website

Image | BBC Radio 1

Greg and the rest of the team have been doing a wonderful job living in conditions for a week to bring awareness to the world of the conditions that many people in Africa face every day. Just donating £1 can feed a child in extreme poverty in the UK as well as supply clean water to families in Africa and supply text books to schools.

Today is the last day for the team in Africa and they have done a tremendous job, well done!


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