Since the festive season was kicked off by the advertising world last weekend, all that everyone has been talking about is Christmas and what reminds them of this special time of year.

It’s really got us thinking here in the Bath-Knight office about which adverts take us back to childhood or remind us of the festive season the most.

  1. Toys R Us – This is one for the younger generation of the Bath-Knight team, especially those who would have been toddlers or very young children when this advert first aired! The song, Geoffrey the Giraffe and the toys on offer had brought lots of excitement to children and young families in the late 80s and 90s.Original Toys R Us christmas advert
  2. Coca-Cola – “Holidays are coming, holidays are coming…” for a lot of people, Christmas and the festive season starts as soon as they see or hear this advert. It has been getting people ready for the mayhem and magic of Christmas since 1995 and as it is a firm favourite with lots of people, we can’t see Coca-Cola changing this for a long time. Iconic Coca-Cola Christmas truck advert
  3. Ferrero Rocher – This advert aired in the early 90s and hasn’t really been seen since but, many of the Bath-Knight team remember it due to the pyramid of Ferrero Rocher and people at the party talking about the mysterious Ambassador. The advert might not be very Christmassy but it certainly makes us want to open the chocolates early and get ready for a Christmas party!Vintage Ferrero Rocher Advert
  4. Quality Street – Tins of chocolates are a must during Christmas in many households, especially Quality Street chocolates! This advert from 1992 shows a young boy giving the local lollipop lady a box of chocolates for her dedication to helping him cross the road all through the year no matter what the weather. It really was a ‘Magic Moment’.Magic Moments Quality Street Advert
  5. Yellow Pages – Before John Lewis used to pull at people’s heartstrings, there were the Yellow Pages adverts. This particular advert was very short and simple – a little girl waiting to be kissed under the mistletoe and a little boy using the Yellow Pages directory as a step so he could reach up and kiss her.Early 90s Yellow Pages Christmas Advert
  6. Sainsbury’s – A good few years before Jamie Oliver became the face of Sainsbury’s, John Cleese starred in a very comical advert. A little bit more relaxed than his character Basil Fawlty, he is getting Christmas dinner but forgets to let his family in. He remembers at the end of the advert but his family are covered in snow!John Cleese in 1980s Sainsbury's Advert
  7. Marks and Spencer – This advert is only a few years old but it’s still a favourite as it features lots of famous faces including Stephen Fry, Joanna Lumley, Jennifer Saunders, Wallace and Gromit and Twiggy telling us their favourite things about Christmas.Marks and Spencer memorable Christmas Advert
  8. Iceland – The Iceland Christmas adverts in the last few years have featured a host of celebrities including Jason Donavon! The Iceland ads always look like fun, especially since the setting is usually a Christmas party with yummy looking cakes and Michael Bublé’s Christmas songs as the soundtrack.That's why mums go to Iceland Christmas Advert
  9. Irn Bru – The Snowman was first published in 1978 and had a cartoon adaptation in 1982. This is a rather cheeky advert as it does parody the original as the little boy will not let the Snowman have any of his Irn Bru as they fly over Britain. Lots of people who were forced to watch the Snowman as children and weren’t very fond of it probably appreciate this advert!Comical Twist on the Snowman for Iron Bru Advert
  10. John Lewis – Since 2010, John Lewis has been a firm favourite for their touching adverts from a little boy counting down Christmas to give his parents a present, a snowman crossing the country side to get his snow-lady a hat and gloves and this year’s campaign, ‘The Bear and the Hare’. The gentle cover versions of songs teamed up with a lovely narrative featuring the meaning of Christmas and what it means really does make their adverts some of the best on television and it may be safe to say that over the coming years, people will be saying “You know it’s Christmas when the John Lewis advert appears”.Iconic 2013 John Lewis Christmas Advert

Are there any Christmas adverts that you wish were still on television or any that make you feel nostalgic?

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Hampers are a lovely Christmas presents especially for loved ones who you really want to spoil. There are a variety of ready-made hampers available to purchase straight from the shelf- John Lewis sell an affordable choices and Fortnum & Mason sell luxury hampers which define Christmas indulgence.

However, hampers are a great gift to prepare yourself, and the best thing about homemade hampers is that you can add whatever you like to best suit the person who will be receiving it. I like to theme hampers- chocolates, cheese, sweets, and wine- for those who are fond of something particular.

But classic hampers are a great last minute gift, which are easy to put together too. Here’s a quick rundown of how I’d create a beautiful Christmas hamper with only a couple of days to go until the big day.

Homemade christmas hamper



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This year seems to have flown by and I can hardly believe that there is only 35 days to go until Christmas. To get us into the festive spirit high street shops are playing Christmas tunes, town centres are turning on their Christmas light and Christmas adverts are on the television.

Over the past couple of years Christmas TV adverts have become highly anticipated, and this year was no different. Retailers have once again excelled themselves, creating a brilliant selection of Christmas TV adverts that genuinely put you into that Christmas spirit. Here’s a selection of my favourites…

John Lewis- The Journey

John Lewis’ Christmas adverts seem to be everyone’s favourite including mine. This year the department store used the tag line ‘Give a little more this Christmas’ and the advert tells the story of a snowman trekking across mountains, fields, rivers and roads to purchase the perfect gift for his snowwoman. The lovely Christmas advert is accompanied by a beautiful cover of “The Power of Love” by Gabrielle Aplin; another great success for John Lewis.


Marks & Spencer – The Greatest Hits this Christmas

Christmas is all about having a fabulous time with your loved ones and Marks and Spencer’s 2012 Christmas advert brilliant displays this. I love the variety of music used in this advert “Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas”, “Mr Big Stuff” and Kool and the Gang’s “Celebration” all feature, giving the advert a real feel good feeling which is perfect for the festive period.


Waitrose- Give More this Christmas

Last year Waitrose recruited Delia Smith and Heston Blumenthal to create a spectacular Christmas advert which saw them create delicious festive goodies – I featured Delia’s Christmas cake on the blog and lots of readers loved it.

However, this year Waitrose have stripped their advertising back. Instead of creating a lavish (and expensive) advert Waitrose has used a simple setting to encouraging its customers to ‘Give more this Christmas’.

The advert focuses on Waitrose’s Community Matters green token scheme, which gives customers the opportunity to contribute to charity and community projects. Although it’s not particularly festive the advert shows Waitrose’s passion towards good causes and hopes to push forward the scheme during the season of good will.

More importantly the money that Waitrose saved on an expensive advert, an estimated £1 million, is being ploughed into projects that the Community Matters Scheme supports.

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diamond jubilee merch

On Tuesday I started to list some of my favourite Diamond Jubilee products. My first item, Lydia Leith’s Jubilee Jelly Mould, was an interesting choice but one which I think will go down a treat with anyone hosting a Jubilee street party in June.

To continue the theme of Jubilee inspired street parties and fates I wanted to share a fantastic collection of party accessories by Talking Tables. Available to purchase online via Talking Tables’ website or alternatively in John Lewis the collection includes Jubilee cake stands, paper plates and cups and royal napkins.

talking tables jubilee collection

Further to the party basics Talking Tables have also created a collection of cake accessories which will make your Jubilee party sparkle. The Jubilee cake wraps give ordinary cupcakes a Royal Britannia feel whilst their collection of cake toppers including figures of The Queen, Buckingham Palace, Union Jacks and Royal Guards will transform your Victoria Sponge from drab to Royal Jubilee fab.

But my absolute favourite piece has to be Talking Tables’ Cupcake Thrones. Working as individual cupcake holders, the mini thrones are a nod to how regal the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations should be- a fantastic way to serve your neatest cupcakes and the perfect finishing touch.

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Happy New Year

On behalf of myself and my team I would like to wish everyone a very happy New Year and all the best for 2012.

After a wonderful festive period I’ll be using this time to relax and recuperate before the hard work of the New Year begins. Now is the perfect time to hit the shops and indulge in the famous January sales. For those of you who prefer to avoid the high street at busy times, go digital and check out sales online.

My favourites including Marks and Spencer, Next, Debenhams and John Lewis, all great British brands who have online sales offering brilliant value and a great selection.

We’re back in the office on 3rd January. Until then have a wonderful New Year!

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