News broke yesterday evening in the UK of the Boston Marathon explosion at the finish line and reports have continued this morning providing regular updates into the investigation.

This is utterly devastating and shocking news and I hope the American government can conclude their investigations as soon as possible.

So far, it has been confirmed that there have been three fatalities, including an eight-year-old boy and over 140 people injured. I cannot imagine the level of fear, grief and heartache the loved ones of the runners have been facing these last few hours and my thoughts are with them at this painful time.

Boston Marathon Bombing in 2013

Image | BBC News
The shocking images from yesterday’s Boston Marathon.

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Last night, well early this morning if you’re in the UK, was the 85th Academy Awards and while I didn’t stay up late to watch, this morning I have been catching up on the news, videos and pictures of the event.

Daniel Day Lewis at the Oscars

Image | The Guardian

The actors, actresses, directors, producers and production teams all looked incredibly smart and some of the gowns were beautiful and it was a night for history making. Daniel Day-Lewis had won his third Oscar for Best Actor, this time for Spielberg directed biopic Lincoln making him the first person to win Best Actor three times.

Actress Emmanuelle Riva

Image | The Guardian

Another history maker was Emmanuelle Riva, not only was she celebrating her 86th birthday last night but she is also the oldest nominated actor of all time. She starred in Austrian film Amour which won Best Foreign Language film. Emmanuelle missed out on Best Actress to 22-year-old Jennifer Lawrence but only a couple of weeks earlier, she won Best Actress at the BAFTAs and Amour also won Best Foreign Language film there too.

Dame Shirley Bassey Performing at the Oscars

Dame Shirley Bassey also took to the stage to pay homage to the Bond films by performing Gold Finger almost 50 years after it was first recorded and Adele performed Skyfall which won Best Original Score this year.

Anne Hathaway won Best Supporting Actress for her performance as Fantine in Les Miserables, I have adored Anne since she played Andrea in The Devil Wears Prada and she deserved her award as Les Mis is one of my favourite films so far this year!

Other winners included Quentin Tarantino for Django Unchained, Ang Lee for Life of Pi, films Argo, Brave and Anna Karenina.

Congratulations to all the winners, and the runners up, I’m sure the after parties and goody-bags made up for a lot!

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It has been reported that British actor, Richard Briers has passed away aged 79.Actor Richard Briers

Image | Huffington Post

The actor best known for his role in The Good Life was diagnosed with emphysema in 2008 and in 2003 had given up smoking after he had admitted to smoking half a million cigarettes in his lifetime.

As well as The Good Life, Briers had appeared in Monarch of the Glen, Dr Who, Inspector Morse and has also starred in stage productions of Hamlet and provided his voice to animations such as 1978 film Watership Down.

My thoughts are with Richard’s family at this time and I’m sure many of us will remember his work.

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I was reading the Daily Mail this morning and a certain article had caught my attention. Dementia sufferers may benefit from a ‘promising’ new treatment made from pigs’ brains.
Lady taking medicationI have previously blogged about dementia, the affects it has on sufferers, their friends, family and carers and I know that it can be a devastating illness which brings a lot of emotional and physical stress.

The new drug – called cerebrolysin – improves concentration, memory processing and mood in patients with a certain kind of dementia known as vascular dementia, which affects up to 200,000 Britons. This is the first time any treatment has been specifically developed for vascular dementia. Cerebrolysin is a drug made from pig brain proteins that has produced some positive results from small vascular dementia trials.

But the new drug is licensed in some countries for dementia, stroke and traumatic brain injury – although not yet here or in the US. Of course, we have health guidelines in the UK and all medicines must be fully tested before they can become available to anyone of us.

Larger trials are currently under way and I really do hope that this is will lead to a breakthrough in research and treatment for dementia as we do not currently have a prevention or cure for these types of illnesses. We may also see a great increase in independent living if these drugs can cure or postpone the symptoms of dementia.

Medical research moves so quickly these days and it is reassuring to know that serious illness is being combated. What are your thoughts on this drug and the research into dementia, do you think it will help elderly people keep their independence?

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Today BBC Breakfast is celebrating 30 years on air making it the longest running national breakfast show in British television history.

I’ve watched Breakfast, or Breakfast Time as it was known in the early days, for many, many years and tuning in to the show has become part of my everyday routine so it’s quite special to see the programme reach its 30th anniversary.

bbc breakfast original line up

Image | Original BBC Breakfast Time Line Up

Today’s special anniversary show looked back on some of Breakfast’s most memorable moments and featured guest appearances from former presenters. I managed to catch an interview with Diana Moran or ‘The Green Goddess’ as she become known in the 80’s when she worked alongside news readers Selina Scott and Nick Ross, before I left for the office this morning.

The fitness guru’s job was to encourage the nation to get up and get active. This relaxed approach to broadcasting was the shows initial structure with presenters sat on the famous red sofa chatting about soft new issues along with reporting hard hitting headline news.

bbc breakfast 2013

Image | BBC Breakfast Team

Since first airing on 17th January 1983 the show has had several re-launches. The red sofa was once replaced with a news desk in the late 80’s when Nicholas Witchell and the late Jill Dando were at the helm of reporting. But it returned in the year 2000 with a more relaxed style of reporting which we see on Breakfast today with Bill Turnbull and Susanna Reid.

However, the best thing about BBC Breakfast is the enormous amount of inspiration I get for the Bath-Knight Blog. Breakfast features a wide variety of news story with everything from serious news reports that are gripping the world to more low key, national events that my readers might find interesting or useful.

Happy Birthday BBC Breakfast, here’s to many more years of breakfast broadcasting!

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